10 Best Brand Tweets You Missed Last Week: Bélo to SprayCake

brand tweets from twitterTwitter: where brands come out to play.

This week’s edition of “10 Best Tweets” is all about brands. We love how Twitter creates an almost level playing field for brand communications, from startups to Fortune 500s. Every week brings clever, and not so clever, examples of companies trying to engage consumers and expand their reach.

After a thrilling previous week of World Cup action and LeBron announcements, we welcomed the excitement (and analysis) of Airbnb‘s big rebrand. It was awesome to see the agency behind the work, DesignStudio, respond to the flurry of individual congratulatory tweets. But there was other brand action going on besides the #belo. From small to large, check out our curation of the best brand tweets from last week.

Start with Startups

Back in June, The Ad Club of Boston hosted a pretty cool event called Brand-a-thon. Nine of Boston’s best agencies were paired with nine hot startups. The night’s winners, Spray Cake and agency Nail Communications, have been busy since.

Packaging design matters, even for doughnut shops. Talk about deliciously retro.

Not a Commodity

These are great examples of companies providing more than a ride, a cup of coffee, or a place to stay. Did you get ice cream delivered to you last Friday?

Yes, these beautiful cups would probably have us getting a few more americanos every week.

Whatever you think it looks like, Airbnb’s new belo logo made headlines last week. The rebrand is designed to express the company’s core value: belonging.

Of course, not all is sunshine and roses for the company. Especially in New York.

Let’s Get Colorful

One artist, @Supermundane, is lending his distinctive artwork to some very recognizable brands.

But you’ll have to travel to France to buy this special edition Nutella with the above AmEx card.

For Your Monday

Even a beauty subscription service has to have a sense of humor.

Until Next Week…

Some may complain about brands intruding into their social media space. We argue that it makes our Twitter streams much more interesting (especially when compared to “what I had for breakfast” tweets). Feeling motivated to up your brand’s game on Twitter? Awesome! We’ve got a blog post or two for that. We also went ahead and made searching for a social media agency a little easier. Happy searching…and tweeting!

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