7 Agencies Who Won Big at the Digiday Awards

There were a number of big winners at the 2016 Digiday Awards, and we are highlighting 7 of the standout agencies from the event. In every category, there were impressive and innovative campaigns and designs — like R/GA’s and Samsung’s ANTIdiaRy campaign, which stole the show by winning multiple awards.

The Digiday awards is another incredible opportunity for companies and agencies to get recognized for a job well done over a 12-month process. The event took place on November 17, 2016 in NYC at The Edison Ballroom.

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7 Agencies Who Won Big At The Digiday Awards

R/GA – Best Creative & Best in Show

R/GA has a long track record of success, so it was no surprise to see their campaign with Samsung and Rihanna find tremendous success that culminated with the agency winning both the “Best Creative” and “Best in Show” awards at the Digiday awards.

The goal of the campaign was to showcase a different perspective for fans of Rihanna and to build hype for her latest album. R/GA and Samsung’s campaign worked, as the album went platinum in the shortest amount of time in history.

Huge – Most Innovative Agency

Huge Inc. took home the “Most Innovative Agency” award, and when you look at their work, you can understand why the judges tapped Huge with this honor. Huge has always focused on creating an innovative experience for its clients’ users.

For example, in 2015, Huge worked with MoneySuperMarket to create a more innovative experience to users. Huge’s content strategy for MoneySuperMarket worked as nine out of ten users found the site easier to use.




TVGla – Best Use of Mobile

TVGla took home the “Best Use of Mobile” award for their Petmoji mobile app. The app was created by TVGla on behalf of Universal Pictures and the animated film “The Secret Life of Pets”.

The app gave users who downloaded the app the option to use any character from the film as an emoji. In just the first 10 days, the app was downloaded over 400,000 times, so it’s no surprise to see TVGla take home first prize in this category.

PMG -Best Use of Social

PMG is straight out of Fort Worth, Texas and their campaign for Beats by Dre, called “Straight Outta Somewhere”, took home the “Best Use of Social” award.

PMG partnered with R/GA and created the #StraightOutta campaign and app that became the top-trending topic for 7 days. The campaign was huge, as it became the no. 1 search topic on Google and Bing at one point.


UM London – Best Direct Response Campaign

UM London took home the “Best Direct Response Campaign” award for their work with The Economist. The London advertising agency was tasked with getting more people to notice their content.

Their campaign added 64,000 paid subscriptions and uncovered over five million previously unnoticed users for The Economist.


Deep Focus – Best Product Launch

Ruffles launched a limited-time product and entrusted Deep Focus to help with the product launch. The Result? Deep Focus walked away with the “Best Product Launch” award.

Deep Focus was chosen by Ruffles because of their focus in digital and social media strategies. The launch was a huge success with the their advertising video getting over 9 million views.

Moxie – Best Social Good Campaign

Moxie and the Georgia Center for Children Advocacy partnered together to raise awareness for a very important social cause. Moxie’s #WeStandTogether campaign was a huge success,  and the agency took home the “Best Social Good Campaign” award.


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Whether you’re in digital strategy or web design

We hope highlighting some of these agencies who win big at the Digiday awards is helpful food for thought. Whether your focusing on CRM and email marketing, advertising and video, or branding and design, there are a lot of learnings that can be applied and high pressure teamwork that may benefit your brand.

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