Want to know the top branding agencies in the world? Having an expert to help navigate the complex world of branding, from brand identity to positioning and strategy, can make the biggest difference in the world. Agency Spotter is your branding partner helping you know what questions to ask when […]

Top 20 Branding Agencies You Need to Know

Branding encompasses many things, from a brand’s visual identity to how a brand makes you feel to even the company’s voice. With so many different factors and variables, knowing what good branding and bad branding is can be difficult. Thankfully, Agency Spotter is here to help you get in front […]

Top Five Videos on Branding

Mechanica was purpose built 11 years ago to solve problems and create opportunities for Restless Marketers. Today’s ambitious marketers are restless out of necessity rather than choice. A restlessness brought about by an exponential increase in the rate of change that is fast transforming every marketer’s competitive, technology, consumer and […]

Spotted: A Chat with Branding Agency Mechanica

Cibo operates at the intersection of brand narratives, user experience design and engineering. An integrated brand experience agency, Cibo creates and develops omni-channel brand stories to drive deeper consumer engagement for companies. Founded in San Francisco in 2010, Cibo brings deep capabilities in traditional marketing and advertising together with cutting […]

Spotted: A Chat with Branding Agency Cibo

Marketing advice cmo talks with Beam Suntory Global CMO Rebecca Messina
Find out what qualities the greatest marketers possess, the most important things you can do to build a great agency relationship, and other marketing advice on the capability of marketing and working with people in this talk between Beam Suntory’s Global CMO, Rebecca Messina, and Agency Spotter’s CEO, Brian Regienczuk. […]

CMO Talks: Marketing Advice And People with Rebecca Messina, Global ...

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 1.35.13 AM
Are you looking to rebrand, revamp or reenergize your brand? Then take some inspiration from these top branding projects and get a taste of what great branding looks like. From the repositioning of Vistaprint to the update of The TODAY Show logo, we are highlighting some great branding work that […]

Top 14 Branding Projects You Need to See

CMO Talks: Solutions Brands David Jaye The Weather Company
In our second of two talks with David Jaye, the Chief Marketing Officer of The Weather Company, Brian Regienczuk, Agency Spotter’s CEO, talks solutions brands and about the big data IoT (Internet of Things) opportunity with IBM. Part 2: A conversation with David Jaye, CMO of The Weather Company, An […]

CMO Talks: Solutions Brands with David Jaye of The Weather ...

CMO Talks: Agency Partnerships David Jaye The Weather Company
In our first of two talks with David Jaye, the Chief Marketing Officer of The Weather Company, Brian Regienczuk, Agency Spotter’s CEO, discusses Jaye’s work on the advertising agency side of the business and his transition to being a client. What is agency life like and how did it prepare […]

CMO Talks: Agency Partnerships with David Jaye of The Weather ...

IndieWhip is a video branding agency located in Providence, Rhode Island. They make videos and f*cking love it! With a cast of talented creatives and thinkers, IndieWhip is on a journey to tell their clients stories and build personal connections along the way. So if you are looking to tell […]

Spotted: A Chat with IndieWhip

11 brand-guy-kawasaki-canva
When it comes time to focus on your company’s branding, it is always good to get advice from the experts who have done it. Draw expert insights from those who have been the shepherds of brands through time and those who scaled their brands to reach millions, if not billions, […]

Branding Advice You’ll Never Forget, From Brands That Are Shaping ...

Ruckus is a full-service agency that powers game-changing companies and global influencers. Our core strategic engagements in branding, platform design, and campaigns consistently drive greater consumer action and awareness. Boasting a track record that can speak for itself, Ruckus has successfully completed hundreds of projects and been featured on prominent […]

#BrandingSpotted: A Chat with Ruckus

airbnb_logo-before-n-after branding
Do you even remember what Airbnb’s branding was a little over two years ago? I didn’t. I remembered that there was some minor controversy about it. But, I certainly recognize and remember the Airbnb brand today. As Agency Spotter set out to cover branding and branding agencies for two weeks, […]

Branding A Unicorn For Super Brand Status: Airbnb

The D&AD Professional Awards celebrate the top design projects and advertising work from the past year. The Award’s have been recognized globally as the ultimate creative accolade and consider to be the pinnacle of success for creative in the design and advertising community. With so many winners and outstanding projects, we wanted […]

Top Design Projects from the D&AD Professional Awards 2016

See the vitaminwater project by Brokaw on Agency Spotter
Let those with the best work win Agency Spotter releases Project Search, delivering another industry innovation to drive change and transparency across the marketing services industry. Project Search allows marketers to find amazing creative partners, design firms, and production studios by looking at their work first. Decision makers can favorite […]

Introducing Project Search: Find Your Next Partner By The Great ...

May 2016
Highlighting the top marketing projects across advertising, web, branding, innovation and much more… Finding top agency projects based on brands and services is pretty hard, but with Agency Spotter’s Project Search feature, you can now search for all kinds of agency projects from digital to advertising and even search by […]

Top 10 Marketing Projects You Need To See: May 2016

Top Dallas Agencies
To round out our Dallas series, we are taking a quick look at the top Dallas agencies continuing to do great things in the heart of Texas. From advertising to digital, Dallas is a city with great creative talent but even greater agencies. These agencies are evidence of the thriving creative scene in Dallas, […]

Top Dallas Agencies You Need to Know About

Publicis Hawkeye is a 260-person fully integrated, full-service advertising agency headquartered in Dallas, TX. We believe in the value of differences. Different people from different backgrounds, working together in an atmosphere of trust. That’s us. We share the need to experiment, make things better and enjoy every moment. We offer […]

Advertising in Dallas: Meet Publicis Hawkeye

Inspire is the full-service marketing and advertising agency specializing in multicultural marketing. With over 14 offices around the country, Inspire calls Dallas their home base. The independent agency has worked with an impressive list of clients from McDonald’s to Sprint and much, much more. Inspire’s dedication to inspire consumers and […]

Advertising in Dallas: Meet Inspire

For more than 30 years, Miller Ad Agency have been the advertising leaders in Dallas. By using traditional advertising with a mixture of digital marketing techniques, they give clients the maximum amount of exposure to the demographic they are looking for. Miller Ad Agency are experts in automotive marketing and […]

Advertising in Dallas: Meet Miller Ad Agency

RankHammer is different than most of your digital marketing agencies. First off, they were recently named Best Small Agency by the U.S. Search Awards. Congratulations on winning the award! But what separates RankHammer from other digital agencies is that they form digital strategy campaigns on the foundation of top level […]

Digital Strategy in Dallas: Meet RankHammer

The Agency Partner is an award-winning video production and motion graphics studio working around the clock to bring your creative to life. With the ability to guide their clients through the whole video production process from pre to post production, The Agency Partner is committed to excellence and award-winning results. […]

Video Production in Dallas: Meet The Agency Partner