Get To Know Some Of Our Newest Agencies

Take a peek at some of the most recent agencies we’ve added. Each has a unique approach to helping clients and are using Agency Spotter to put their best foot forward. If you like what you see, be sure to add them to a list and spread the word by sharing them with your network!

We’ve got lots planned to help businesses discover the right creative agencies in less time, with more confidence. For businesses, the first step is to sign-up for free and start your agency search!

For agencies, we continue to make it easier to be found and close more deals. Your first step is getting listed on the site if you’re not already there. We’re adding portfolios everyday and are excited to welcome some of the newest agencies to join Agency Spotter below.

second to none - research insights agencySecond to None – Research/Insights

Creature Product Design – Industrial Design

Universal Mind – Mobile

Sundberg-Ferar - product design agencySundberg-Ferar – See some of the great work by this Industrial Design and Innovation shop from Michigan. Be sure to read about the cool innovations they added to the standard, outdated golf car for Club Car. Agencies can share their work along with a narrative on the project right in their Agency Spotter portfolio making it easier for businesses to get a sense of the agency’s process and output.

definition 6 - digital agencyDefinition 6 – Digital Strategy

Slice of Lime – User Experience Design

Planet Central – Marketing Strategy

Blue Sky - advertising agencyBlue Sky – Advertising agency with an impressive client list showing extensive experience in the Southeast. Find out more about how they have become a “cornerstone” in the Atlanta advertising community. When your brand requires an agency that really knows a market, finding a portfolio showing regional expertise can be an endless hunt. But Agency Spotter gives you options to search by location and gives agencies opportunities to clearly highlight their areas of focus.

column five - graphic design agencyColumn Five – Graphic/Comm Design

SingleThrow – Search Marketing

BigBig Bomb – Mobile

Ignite Health - branding healthcare agencyIgniteHealth – Branding agency from SoCal with a laser focus on the HealthCare industry. See how their digital expertise helps them “educate, inspire, and empower chronically-ill patients and their caregivers.” Agency Spotter makes it easy when you are looking for an agency with experience in a specific vertical. Just take a look at the “Audience Specialty” and “Industry Expertise” fields in the portfolios.

people design - innovation agencyPeopl – Innovation

NineTen Innovation – Design Strategy

dig – Research/Insights

Laced - digital strategy agencyLACED Agency – Digital Strategy agency with flexibility, LACED knows why they have been successful in their work. In fact, they make it very clear why their clients hire them: a balanced approach, commitment, and their people. We know it can be difficult to sort through all the information out there on a specific agency to get to the nuts and bolts. So, Agency Spotter’s platform gives agencies freedom to share whatever they think is most important for brands to know about them.

MINEMINE – Branding

Market Force – Research/Insights

Useful Ideas – CRM

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements and many more welcomes throughout the year!

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